Discover Marmoleum, a Sustainable Flooring Product Designers Love

Wednesday, September 30, 2020 10:00 AM

Are you familiar with Marmoleum? It is a sustainable flooring product that designers love. It comes in a variety of colors and patterns, and can be easily customized into fashion-forward design statements.

Intrigued? Read on for more information.

What is Marmoleum?

Marmoleum is Forbo Flooring Systems' Linoleum.

Linoleum is an extremely durable flooring material invented in 1855. It was readily installed in luxurious settings such as the Grand Ballroom, dining room and other areas of the Titanic.

The product is so durable that with proper installation and maintenance it can last more than 40 years!

Marmoleum, the Ultimate in Sustainable Floors

Marmoleum, the Ultimate in Sustainable Floors

So what makes Marmoleum so sustainable? It's made from natural raw materials - including recycled content - such as:

  • linseed oil
  • resins 
  • recycled wood flour
  • cork dust
  • mineral pigments
  • jute backing

In addition to be being sustainable, it's recyclable.

Marmoleum has many benefits!

The Benefits of Marmoleum

Marmoleum has many benefits!

Color and Pattern Extend Throughout Its Thickness

Unlike multi-layer flooring (see The Lowdown on MultiLayer Flooring: LVT, WPC, SPC and More), where the design is one of the top layers, the entirety of Marmoleum (except for the jute backing) constitutes the design.

In other words, as with a carrot, color and pattern extend throughout the thickness of the product. That means that if  your Marmoleum floors get scratched or stained, you can refinish the floor to look like new.

Naturally Anti-Bacterial & Biodegradable

Marmoleum is naturally anti-bacterial, not to mention that it is 100% biodegradable. It helps reduce allergens while inhibiting the breeding of harmful organisms.

No VOCs in Marmoleum

You'll find no VOCs in Marmoleum. Since it is made of natural materials, it won't outgas toxins or chemical residues.

Heat Resistant Flooring

The floor is heat resistant and will not burn easily.

Comfortable to Stand On

This is an important benefit because you'll often find Marmoleum installed in kitchen where there's plenty of standing taking place for cooking, cleaning and food prep. These floors are comfortable to stand and walk on. They are warm, comfortable and quiet.

Anti-Static Properties

Anti-static properties are a bonus because dirt won't stick to Marmoleum floors, making them easier to clean.

Fabulous Range of Colors, Patterns & Design Possibilities

You'll absolutely love what's available to choose from with Marmoleum! More on that below.

Forbo-Marmoleum-DisplayYou'll absolutely love what's available to choose from with Marmoleum!

Discover the Design Possibilities of Marmoleum Floors!

When you visit Floor Decor Design Center, you'll find the Marmoleum Click display pictured above which includes:

  • 12x12 click tiles in 21 colors
  • 12x36” planks in 28 colors

Notice the bold range of vivid, saturated colors and patterns that you can easily mix to create a perfect customized floating floor. Even the neutral tones have character.

Here is a brilliant Marmoleum Blue available in both tile and plank.

Marmoleum blue available in both tile and plank

The sample pictured below is called Painters Palette, also available in both tile and plank formats.

Painters Palette, also available in both tile and plank formats

Notice the textural intensity of Marmoleum Adriatica available in both formats.

Marmoleum Adriatica available in both formats

Marmoleum Black Sheep is only available in the plank format.

Marmoleum Black Sheep is only available in the plank format.

Imagine the possibilities for patterned combinations and other inspiring designs regardless whether you yearn for a contemporary statement, a historic one or a one-of-a-kind testament to your visions as a designer.

Marmoleum is a Designer's Dream-Flooring Product!

Marmoleum is a Designer's Dream-Flooring Product!

In this section, you can see for yourself what's possible with this remarkably versatile flooring product. From matching original period flooring designs to creating a bold statement, Marmoleum is ideal.

Create interesting insets, contrasting or harmonizing borders, herringbone patterns...

Marmoleum is not only durable and beautiful but also easy to maintain.

How to Maintain Marmoleum

Marmoleum is not only durable and beautiful but also easy to maintain.

As with any floor, you'll want to clean if regularly. For Marmoleum, focus on using low pH cleaners such as mild, non-ammonia based cleaning products.

Never use a steam cleaner.

We recommend that you put pads on the feet of your chairs and tables to avoid scuffs, scratches and dents, and encourage friends with spiky high heels to leave them at the door.

Consider adding door mats to trap grit and dirt from outside.


And then enjoy your floors. With proper care and maintenance, you can expect them to last over forty years.


Looking for More Marmoleum Inspiration?

You'll find a wealth of design ideas on the Marmoleum website in the Find Inspiration section. You might also watch this 2-minute video.



For a stunning sustainable flooring product that makes a strong statement, you'll love Marmoleum.

If you'd like to experience it firsthand, we invite you to visit our showrooms. We would love to show you the various styles available and answer your questions.  


We look forward to helping you.


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