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Wednesday, March 2, 2022 10:00 AM

If you're looking to add touches of luxury to your home, you'll want to explore the Paradiso collection of stone, tile, hardwood, and carpet available at Floor Decor Design Center in Orange, Connecticut.

Experience the Ultimate Destination For Luxury Floors with Paradiso

Given how much you've had to deal with these past few years, you may be completely on board with transforming any number of rooms in your home into delicious oases of luxury. Paradiso enables you to do so by redefining luxury flooring.

Here's how Paradiso describes its brand and flooring product line:

"We don’t believe that luxury is defined by fads that come and go—and it’s certainly not defined by a price tag.

At Paradiso, we believe that luxury means standing out. It means innovation, quality, and attention to detail. It means focusing on what matters most: tasteful products that are just as dependable as they are elegant.

With over 550 products across nearly 100 collections, your dream floor is waiting for you."

The products themselves bring luxury to life.

Experience the Ultimate Destination For Luxury Floors with Paradiso

Perhaps you'd like an overview of the Paradiso collection? According to Paradiso Flooring Review,

"Paradiso is all about offering their customers the very best in elegance and style, with the kind of attention to detail that makes luxury flooring products stand out from the others.

So, whilst you’ll see carpet and engineered hardwood across all four brands (Proximity Mills, Doma, Newton, and Paradiso), Paradiso’s is the one where you’ll find hardwood with a natural oil finish or a full bevel edge and that has the largest selection of deluxe hand-loomed carpets.

Sadly, we’re not a wall décor website, otherwise, we’d also be telling you about the incredible natural stone, glass, and ceramic wall tiles that round out the Paradiso product line." 

On that last point, you'll find more details about the stunning natural stone, glass, and ceramic wall tiles available in this article.

Are you ready to explore each of the Paradiso product categories?

Paradiso Stone

The Paradiso stone collection consists of stunning waterjet-cut marble tiles. The designs are modern yet classic, some with strong contrasts, and others more subtle. You'll find these products:

  • Alps White Dolomite & Nuvoloso
  • Andes White Dolomite & Skyline
  • Appalachian White Dolomite, Cirrus & Taurus Black
  • Atlas White Dolomite, Cirrus & Taurus Black
  • Cold Mountain White Dolomite & Cirrus 
  • Everest in two colors
  • Great Balsam White Dolomite, Skyline & Cirrus
  • Highland White Dolomite, City Grey & Mountain Sequoia
  • Himalaya White Dolomite & Skyline
  • Rocky in two colors
  • Saint Elias White Dolomite & Skyline

Examples of Paradiso Stone

To help you imagine Paradiso stone, check out these two examples.

Appalachian White Dolomite, Cirrus & Taurus Black comes in a 14.5" x 12.5" format and blends whites, creams, greys, and blacks. The off-center hexagon adds whimsy and abstraction to a classic shape.

Appalachian White Dolomite, Cirrus & Taurus Black

Highland White Dolomite, City Grey & Mountain Sequoia from Paradiso Stone features whites, creams, beiges, browns, greys, and blacks. This classic star-patterned marble that combines with white marble hexagon comes in a 10" x 11.5" format.

Highland White Dolomite, City Grey & Mountain Sequoia

Paradiso Stone Accents

Paradiso Stone Accents are ideal for creating stunning accent walls and backsplashes. The collection includes:

  • Denali Chevron
  • Lincoln Arabesque in three options
  • Logan Drops
  • Logan Leaf
  • San Gorgonio Leaf in 3 options

Examples of Paradiso Stone Accents

Paradiso Accents Denali Chevron in Stratus White forms a textural chevron pattern. This marble accent is 10.79" x 12.05" with color tones in the blues, purples, whites, and creams.

Paradiso Accents Denali Chevron

In contrast, San Gorgonio Leaf in Carrara captures natural curves, blending them into a leaf pattern. This 12.5" x 10.5" mosaic features color tones in the blues, purples, whites, creams, greys, and blacks. Other colors include City Gray and Nova.

San Gorgonio Leaf in Carrara

Paradiso Tile

You'll find the following four decorative wall tile collections from Paradiso:

  • Color Wheel in 18 colors
  • Light Moves in 14 colors
  • Paradise in 16 colors
  • Pickets in 6 options

Note that these decorative tiles will not support foot traffic. They will, though, create stunning wall designs in a marvelous selection of colors.

Examples of Paradiso Tile

Color Wheels by Paradiso Decos in color Aqua is a 4" x 12" wall tile.

Color Wheels by Paradiso Decos in color Aqua

Other colors include intense tropical shades, deep blues, mahogany, and golds, as well as soothing watery spa colors.

Paradise in color Cream Arrow Deco is a 3" x 12" textural tile in an arrow pattern. This product includes 16 colors.

Paradise in color Cream Arrow Deco

Paradiso Engineered Hardwood Collection

When it comes to hardwood, Paradiso offers you a stunning selection of elegant and luxurious flooring options. You'll notice several oak choices as well as hickory, maple, and pine primarily in 7.5" plank widths. This engineered hardwood collection features details such as full beveled edges and eased edges, natural oil finishes as well as extra-strong urethane and aluminum oxide finishes, natural, dark, and gray wood staining, and more.

Paradiso also makes available moldings that coordinate with the hardwood options that include: 

  • Belmont Hills in 9 colors
  • Chateau in 8 colors
  • Lake & Shore in 12 colors
  • Montesilvano in 12 colors
  • Woodland Enterprise in 6 colors - in a 9" wide plank

Paradiso hardwood floors come with a limited lifetime residential warranty. Note that the natural oil finish collections include a 3-year warranty for the finish.


Examples of Paradiso Hardwood Flooring

Here are three examples.

Chateau in color Barrington is a 7.5" wide engineered oak with a full bevel and a brushed surface.

Chateau in color Barrington

Lake & Shore in color Amazon is a 7.5" wide engineered hardwood pine plank. Notice the richness of the pattern and finish.

Lake & Shore in color Amazon

Montesilvano in color Rovigo features a European oak with an eased edge and a brushed surface for a deep chocolate floor.

Montesilvano in color Rovigo

Paradiso Carpet

The Paradiso Carpet collection is impressive with 54 different styles, available in a range of beautiful colors: 

  • Abstract Trellis in 7 colors
  • Alaska in 7 colors
  • Anywhere Woven in 8 colors - an indoor/outdoor carpet style
  • Artisan Diamond in 9 colors
  • Artisan Leopard in 7 colors
  • Ax Plaid in 9 colors
  • Bedfordshire in 5 colors
  • Bridgetown in 7 colors
  • Butte in 5 colors
  • Cardenas in 5 colors
  • Chanel in 4 colors
  • Chenille Abstract in 6 colors
  • Classic Art in 12 colors
  • Colorful Pebble in 4 colors
  • Country Side in 10 colors
  • Cracked Ice in 4 colors
  • Exhilaration in 7 colors
  • Five Carat in 7 colors
  • Handloomed Luxury in 9 colors
  • Handloomed Quilt in 8 colors
  • In the Wild in 4 colors
  • Kahalui Striae in 5 colors
  • Kahalui Wave in 7 colors
  • Key West in 7 colors
  • Lake George in 5 colors
  • Linear Elegance in 8 colors
  • Luxury Velvet in 6 colors
  • Maui in 5 colors
  • Maze in 5 colors
  • Medallion in 5 colors
  • Modern Luxury in 7 colors
  • Mondrian Plush in 5 colors
  • Montrose in 6 colors
  • Nassau in 9 colors
  • Natural Chevron in 5 colors
  • Negril in 3 colors
  • Ocracoke in 5 colors
  • Opulent Striae in 7 colors
  • Opulent Wave in 7 colors
  • Pebble in 4 colors
  • Puget Sound in 7 colors
  • Quarry in 5 colors
  • Resplendent in 8 colors
  • Saichen in 7 colors
  • Santorini in 7 colors
  • Scotch Velvet in 6 colors
  • Shaggy in 6 colors
  • Shimmering Style in 10 colors
  • Southaven in 6 colors
  • Tapestry in 7 colors
  • Times Square in 7 colors
  • Trellis Shine in 7 colors
  • Twinkling Lights in 8 colors
  • Waikiki in 5 colors
  • Woven Texture in 7 colors

The patterns range from cut pile to loop, cut and loop, flatweave, tip shear, and include bold geometric patterns, subtle tonal stripes, and more in wool, wool blends, and synthetic fibers. The collection comes with a limited lifetime warranty and standard lifelong stain, pet and soil protection guarantee.

Examples of Paradiso Carpet

These three examples of Paradiso Carpet capture some of the richness of choice you'll have when you explore this collection.

Maze in color Aegean combines 80% wool with 20% nylon in a luxurious patterned cut pile.

Maze in color Aegean

Resplendent in color Bluebell is a 15' wide patterned cut pile carpet made from 25% wool, 60% viscose, and 15% polyester.

Resplendent in color Bluebell

Saichen in color Cliffside is a 15' patterned loop carpet made from 100% polyester with a stunning combination of striped-tones.

Saichen in color Cliffside


If you are interested in experiencing the Paradiso Luxury Flooring collection, we invite you to visit Floor Decor Design Center in Orange, Connecticut. There, you'll experience the entire Paradiso flooring collection. 

Let us know of any questions in the comments or contact us.

We look forward to helping you.

Thanks for reading,

Janine & Michael

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