Old World Wood Planks and Patterns From Anderson Tuftex

Wednesday, July 24, 2019 10:45 AM

What comes to mind when you hear 'old world wood patterns'?

If you think of hardwood with character and a sense of history, and rich herringbone and basketweave patterns, you are in luck! Now available at Floor Decor Design Center in Orange and Middletown, Connecticut you'll find the Anderson Tuftex Old World Wood display.

The Charm of Old World Wood Patterns at Floor Decor Design Center

This engineered wood collection from Anderson Tuftex consists of four products:

  • Three planks
  • A herringbone that also works as a basketweave pattern

The entire collection consists of wirebrushed white oak with a micro bevel edge, and a UV aluminum oxide finish for wear resistance. It also comes with a 50-year finish warranty.

The Charm of Old World Wood Patterns at Floor Decor Design Center

Let's explore in more detail, starting with the planks.

Three Old World Planks

These Old World wood planks measure 8.5" in width and 1/2" in thickness. The length is random. True to its Old World inspiration, these planks come in colors Windsor, Tudor and Hanover.

Offered in staggering plank sizes and bolstering hues of golden brown, grey, and deep charcoal, Old World is perfect for open floor plans and sure to garner attention for its striking natural elegance.

Below you see Old World Hanover. Notice the high variation in colors from plank to plank. This is what gives this collection so much charm and warmth.

Old World Hanover. Notice the high variation in colors from plank to plank.

Although all three colors feature similar shade variation, Windsor is lighter in tone; Tudor is darker. You'll see examples of them in the herringbone pattern section below.

Old World Wood Herringbone & Basketweave Patterns

The herringbone patterns in this collection come in the same three colors: Hanover, Tudor and Windsor.

Where they differ from the planks is in size. These planks are specifically made for herringbone and basketweave patterns and measure 6" in width and 24" in length. They, too, feature a micro bevel edge and a UV aluminum oxide finish.

Color Windsor

Below you see Old World Herringbone in color Windsor.

Old World Herringbone in color Windsor

Here's how Windsor looks installed. Isn't this herringbone stunning?

Old World Herringbone in color Windsor

Color Tudor

Next, you see color Tudor. Notice the more intense light/dark contrast.

Old World Herringbone in color Tudor

Here you see it installed in a herringbone pattern.

Old-World-Herringbone-color Tudor

Color Hanover

And, next, you see color Hanover in a basketweave pattern installation.

Old World Herringbone in color Hanover Basketweave

Here's another perspective on that color of Old World Herringbone.

Another view of Old World Herringbone in color Hanover Basketweave

And yet another to provide you with perspective on how the shade variation works in a full room installation.

Entry way with Old World Herringbone

Here is that same color in a herringbone.

Hanover as a Herringbone Installation

As you can see from all of these images, no two boards are created equal. Each one features the richness of character and organic beauty of Appalachian white oak.

Old World Wood Trim Pieces

This collection includes several coordinating trim pieces. More specifically:

  • Flush reducer
  • Overlap reducer
  • Flush stairnose
  • Overlap stairnose
  • Threshold carpet reducer
  • T-molding
  • Quarter round

Old World Wood Trim Pieces


Natural Random Variation

As a reminder, the natural random variation of the wood in this collection produces great visual range - from boards with extreme character, graining and color variation to those that are entirely clean and consistent - and everything in between.

Given the extreme variation, you will want to mix boards from different boxes and install them randomly to create a truly unique and stunning floor.

Although this product features UV protection, know that all wood is affected by light and you can expect darkening and lightening of the product over time -- which only adds to the Old World character of this collection.

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Interested in Old World Herringbone and Planks FOR YOUR HOME? 

This is a product worth seeing firsthand and we invite you to visit one of our two showroom locations in Middletown or Orange to do so. When you visit, you'll be able to compare the different colors and determine whether you prefer planks or patterns.

And, we can dive more deeply into what you're trying to achieve.

Let us know of any questions, either in the comments or contact us.

We look forward to helping you.

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