See How New Flooring Transforms 1980s Connecticut Condo

Wednesday, November 3, 2021 10:00 AM

Won't you join me? I'm about to show you how to transform a 1980s condo from drab to fab. New flooring throughout plays a starring role, setting off a remodeled kitchen, bathroom, and a stunning fireplace.

If this looks like the kind of project you need to do, Floor Decor Design Center can help. You'll find information on what we did to complete this remodel and then you can watch a video tour of the entire space.

First, Perspective on the Original Condo

To properly appreciate this transformation, it helps to get a sense of the original decor in this condo.

Wood flooring was stained in a light color.

Before Stairs in CondoThe space was cut up into smaller rooms, making the living room and dining room areas feel dark and cramped. The kitchen felt cut off from the rest of the space.

How the condo kitchen looked before

Carpet defined the living room.

How the condo living room looked before the remodel

And, off to the left in the photo above, there's a fireplace surrounded by tile. It's a lovely feature that seems lost.

Dated 1980s fireplace needs design help

As I mentioned, the space dates back to the early 1980s. In other words, lots of beige on the walls and floors especially in the bathroom.

Notice in these images the beige paint, the pre-fab tub, and the solid-colored square floor tile in the photo below of the bathroom.

Drab 1980s condo shower

Here's a view of the vanity. It's all functional, just drab.

Drab 1980s condo vanity

What's the next best color after beige if it's the 1980s? Yes, beige-ish grey carpet that's in one bedroom, the hallways, and the living room.

Drab view of condo bath

And, then, you'll notice dated touches such as the narrow 2-1/4" case moldings (and others you'll see in the video).

Definitely plenty of potential for serious transformation.

See How New Flooring Transforms This Condo!

From the moment you enter this condo, you'll be amazed at what you see. Let's focus on the flooring for now, and then we'll talk fireplace, kitchen, and bathroom.

Carpeted Stairs 

A staircase takes you from the front door to the main level with the living spaces and the kitchen and another one from that level to the top level where the bedrooms are.

Both staircases have been carpeted.

The first staircase - as you see in the image below - represents a runner style. Notice the wood treads peeking out on both sides of the central runner.

Also, we've done it in the Hollywood style - tucked in under each step.


This particular carpet is Stanton Stillwater in color Porcelain. The pattern adds visual interest and coordinates nicely with the wood floors.

There's a touch of sheen to the pattern which reflects light and adds dimension.


In this next photo, you see the second set of stairs which are also carpeted, this time in a wall-to-wall effect and in the waterfall style.

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Wall to wall carpeted condo stairs

Solid Custom-Stained Hardwood Floors Throughout

Solid hardwood floors are now throughout the condo on both levels and unify the space.

We installed a solid 3/4" x 2-1/4" Red Oak Select Grade wood and custom-stained it on the job site in a grey/brown tone.

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Here's a view of the opened-up kitchen area.

Open floor plan for remodeled condo

And here's how those floors look on the top floor in one of the two bedrooms.

Solid hardwood custom stained condo floors

One detail made a big difference in updating the feel of the space: we replaced all of the 2-1/4" base moldings with a white 5-1/4" colonial base.

The overall effect contrasts beautifully with the wood planks and coordinates well with the other white trim details. 

New base moldings throughout the condo

One-of-Kind Tiled Fireplace

In addition to new flooring, we had a chance to add more luxurious tile details, starting with the fireplace. 

Here, we added a granite hearth and glass subway tile around the fireplace. The glass subway tile captures some of the grey tones from the custom-dyed wood floors.

The end result is a strong focal point for the room.

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The refinished condo fireplace


Stunning Kitchen Tile and Countertop Details

In the kitchen, as I mentioned, we removed a wall to create an open floor plan and add more natural light. You'll notice the stunning granite countertops - with an overhang for additional seating - and timeless arabesque backsplash tile.

The remodeled open condo kitchen

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Combine that with white shaker cabinets and you have a light, airy, welcoming space that is sure to be delight the homeowners for years to come.

Stunning arabesque kitchen backsplash

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Remodel Your Bathroom with Marble-Look Porcelain Tile

The upstairs bathroom - otherwise known as the bland, beige, dated space you saw in the images above - was similarly transformed into a gorgeous bathroom space that is both beautiful and functional.

Beautiful because it's marble-inspired.

Functional - and practical - because it's porcelain tile rather than marble, which is extremely porous and maintenance-intensive.


In the shower, you'll notice marble-look 3x6 subway tile. That's porcelain which is low maintenance and impervious to water.

Marble-look porcelain tile bathroom remodel

Did you notice the marvelous shower niche for soaps and shampoos? The herringbone-patterned mosaic is porcelain tile, too. It's Glazzio Tile Mythical Arches. 

On the floors, we continued the marble-look theme with 12x12 porcelain floor tile in the Carrara white color.

Both the floor tile and the subway tile are part of the Mainstay Collection.

Porcelain tile that looks like marble for the floors

We also updated the bathroom sink with a coastal grey vanity, a white sink, and a granite countertop.

Granite countertop and new sink vanity

Watch How New Floors and Stunning Tile Details Transform This Condo

Now that you have a perspective on the transformation, you'll want to watch our 3:15 minute video tour of this stunning home remodel.

Ready to See How Fab New Flooring and Tile Can Transform Your Drab Condo?

What did you think of the 1980s condo transformation? Do you agree that fab is far better than drab? Which details do you like most?

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Janine & Michael

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Note: We originally published this article on 09/26/2018, and have updated it.

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